A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 2229 - Bootlicker

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Chapter 2229: Bootlicker

Mag put away that bullpup assault rifle happily before controlling his urge to get another hunting rifle for free.

One simply cannot wish for free stuff all the time.

No matter how he saw it, gaining such a powerful and technological assault rifle by giving Xi a free lifetime of red braised pork card was so worth it.

Of course, Xi was sure he wouldn’t go around with this assault rifle when she gave him it.

After all, it was an assault rifle that she didn’t want. It couldn’t compare to his sword.

As for replicating it.

Do you think the Elder Things’ tens of thousands of years of technology advancement is a joke?

Given the Norland Continent’s recent entry into the Age of Steam, if they wanted to replicate this assault rifle, they couldn’t even analyze its materials without a few hundred years.

Xi also thought to herself, “It’s a great deal!”

Mag took the menu and put it in front of Xi. “You get to have one more dish. Choose away.”

Xi swept her gaze around before landing on “Buddha Jumps Over the Wall”.

Mag’s eyelids twitched badly. He had a bad omen.

Xi looked up into Mag’s eyes. She curved her lips slightly and pointed. “How about this one?”

“This one… Actually, the most expensive doesn’t mean it’s the best. The most suitable one is the best,” Mag replied seriously.

Xi pursed her lips. “I seem to have read about this phrase in a novel. It was said by a jerk.”

“You shouldn’t read that kind of novel. It’s all rubbish,” Mag said solemnly.

The “Buddha Jumps Over the Wall” cost 10,000 copper coins per helping. If Xi ordered three helpings per day, it would be hard to determine who would be the one who had the good deal.

“Then, I shall decide again next time.” Xi retracted her hands as her smile widened.

“That’s fine too.” Mag nodded. This woman wasn’t as rigid as she looked on the outside.

Mag cleared away the bowls and cutlery before pouring a new cup of warm water for Xi. Sitting across from her, he curiously asked, “What do you guys call those existences whose power exceeds the 10th-tier in Underground City?”

“Extraordinaire,” Xi answered.

Mag was rather surprised by her straightforwardness. He actually didn’t have to try to make her tell him, so he continued to ask, “How powerful is an Extraordinaire?”

“More powerful than you.”

“…” Mag.

“You don’t believe me?” Xi looked at Mag with indignation.

“We have to duel before we know who is stronger.”

Xi shook her head and said, “I have analyzed your speed and strength. They haven’t reached the threshold of an Extraordinaire yet. The data won’t lie.”

“…” Mag.

Although he felt a little indignant, Mag believed what Xi said.

The Elder Things did indeed have powerhouses that have broken through the 10th-tier. They were the so-called gods on the Norland Continent and the Extraordinaires in Underground City.

“Are there many of these Extraordinaires?” Mag asked curiously.

Xi shook her head. “10th-tier powerhouses are already limited, so naturally there wouldn’t be many Extraordinaires.”

Mag continued to ask, “I have always been curious about this. The Elder Things left the Norland Continent because you wanted to pursue a higher limit. What is so special about the Underground City that allows the upper limit of the 10th-tier to be broken?”

“You should know very well that this question is already beyond what you should know,” Xi replied calmly, her expression turning cold.

Mag shrugged. It was indeed difficult to get information from Xi once sensitive questions were touched on.

“Thank you for your hospitality.” Xi put down the empty water glass and walked to the door. She stopped at the door, turned her head around and said, “Underground City has always guarded against any prying eyes from the outside world. If you don’t want to get into trouble, you’d better control your curiosity.”

“Is that a warning?” Mag asked with a smile.

“You can say so.” Xi nodded.

Mag suddenly asked, “Does Underground City take in husbands who marry into the family?”

Xi turned to flick a glance at Mag before saying with a frown, “Don’t you already have a wife?”

“Will you consider me if I don’t have a wife?” Mag looked into her eyes.

“I’m not interested in men.” Xi retracted her gaze and left.

“Interesting.” Mag looked at the slowly closing door as he gently caressed that bullpup assault rifle with his fingers.

She wasn’t interested in men, so she was interested in women then?

No wonder she was so hard to flirt with.

He wondered what her type was. The lolita with beast ears, Connie? The energetic dragon server maid, Miya? The mature vampire, Camilla? The seductive succubus, Angela? The little Goldihorn, Jane?

Even after thinking for a while with his chin propped on his hand, Mag still couldn’t decide who he should send to seduce Xi.

However, on second thoughts, it was best that the sending a girl scenario never had to happen.

But again, he couldn’t call it sending a girl between lesbians, right?

Mag took out the communicator and sent a message to Xi again, “Bring the other girl next time. I treat you both to roast beef kebab. The best beef cut with marbling is made into kebabs. They sizzle on the charcoal grill as sauce is brushed over them before cumin and chili powder are sprinkled all over them. It’s truly life made complete when you eat it piping hot with an ice cold bubbling beer.

After a moment of silence from the other end, Mag received a reply. “Alright!”

Mag put away the communicator. He didn’t continue to bootlick.

See, whether a girl was easy to seduce or not, depended on whether you have caught her interests.

It would be a wonder if she would pay attention to him, who was a primitive native, talking to her about Barrett since she was from an advanced civilization.

However, talking to her about food was different. Unless she was a real fairy, she would have to eat.


On the other end, Xi had just completed her report via a video link on the spaceship. After closing the link, she looked at the notification column subconsciously. There were no new messages’ reminders.

After daydreaming for a while, she closed the virtual screen with a weird expression.

She always worked alone and had almost no friends at all. Apart from work-related messages, no one would contact her normally.

However, she had been checking the notification column every now and then in the past few days. This was an inexplicable feeling.


A gentle beep.

Xi raised her hand and the virtual screen opened up automatically. There was a new message in the notification column from Vicki. “Big Sister Xi, when are you coming to Rodu? I’ll treat you to a meal.”

Xi fell silent for a while after she read the message. Usually, she would reject it right away when she received such social messages. However, she thought of the message that Mag sent her earlier, so after thinking for some time, she replied, “I’ll bring you to eat grilled meat in two days time.”

“Alright, alright! I love grilled meat. Contact me when it’s time. Big Sister Xi is the best,” Vicki replied instantly. She was such a bootlicker.

“Mmm.” Xi ended the conversation with one word.

“I shouldn’t overly crave good food. Other than good food, I should record about the other advancements of the Norland Continent’s civilizations,” Xi murmured to herself before picking out a book from the bookshelf.


Why did she pick up this book again?

The red braised pork was indeed delicious. She will have it again next time!

She wondered what the taste of his grilled meat was like. Were the kebabs as nice as the red braised pork?

The laws of Underground City didn’t seem to have any special requirements on husbands who married into the families. Some families still practiced that, but a husband who married into his wife’s family didn’t have a high status. Did he not mind that?

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