A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 2228 - One Free Lifetime Red Braised Pork Voucher  

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Chapter 2228: One Free Lifetime Red Braised Pork Voucher


Mag did not clear the table in a hurry. He watched Xi calmly as he caressed Ugly Duckling.

She would rarely be in such a relaxed mood. However, this pot of red braised pork and rice seemed to have lowered her guard. This would make their upcoming talk a bit smoother.

“What’s the matter?” Xi looked up at Mag and asked.

Look, some women are just like this.

After you feed her, she would suddenly behave like she doesn’t know you.

“What, I can’t treat you to a meal if nothing’s the matter? After all, we have been through life and death together,” Mag said with a smile.

Xi nodded. “You can call me if you have red braised pork again.”

“…” Mag.

Heh, women…

Indeed, she made the trip here for his red braised pork, not for him.

“Where’s that person who was in the mech last time? We’re brothers who have fought together after all. I should treat him to a meal too,” Mag said casually.

“Why are you so sure it’s a man?” Xi looked at Mag.

“In that case, she’s a lady?” Mag raised his brow slightly.

What, is women forming a legion a trend in the Underground City now? Or is the Underground City an all-women state?

The one who flew a battleship to the Great Old Ones and almost self-detonated was a lady?

So be it. That’s pretty good too. Mag did not like to waste his time on males.

“That’s not important.” Xi did not reply directly to his question.

Mag nodded and said seriously, “It isn’t important. Even if it’s a lady, I would also intend to treat her to a meal.”

Xi kept her mouth shut too tightly, so Mag had decided to change his target.

He did not believe that everyone in the Underground City was like Xi.

“You concealed your identity and opened a restaurant. Aren’t you afraid that you would expose yourself if too many people find out?” Xi glanced at Mag.

“Compared to me opening a restaurant here, I guess the existence of the Underground City would be an even bigger piece of news.” Mag was calm and fearless.

“This secret had been well-protected for the past tens of thousands of years,” Xi said calmly.

The corner of Mag’s lips twitched. This was an outright threat. She was from an advanced civilization indeed.

“How’s Lantisde doing now?” Mag did not beat about the bush.

“Pretty good. Lantisde and the Underground City have already signed an agreement for them to join the Underground City officially. On top of that, the Underground City has helped them plan out an area for their living and they will be entitled to all rights of the Underground City Union,” Xi said.

Mag nodded. The System had done a lie detector test on Xi. She should be speaking the truth.

“I would like to ask if the Underground City could provide a restricted visitation pass? You know as well that the Lantisdean princess is my friend. She is all alone in Chaos City and will miss her friends and relatives.”

“No.” Xi’s reply was short and sweet. There was no room for negotiation.

“That’s too cruel. You could just bring her along when you go into the Underground City and then bring her out again when you’re coming out.” Mag tried to communicate.

“She knows about the Underground City and we have already made her the exception by allowing her to keep her memory. The moment she enters the Underground City, she would better understand the Underground City. That way, her threat to the Underground City would become bigger. Therefore, she would not be allowed to leave the Underground City anymore,” Xi said calmly.

Mag had roughly understood the Underground City’s system of only allowing people to go in but not out.

This meant that it was not allowed for someone to go into the Underground City through official routes and then return safely to the Norland Continent.

Since Xi had already put it that way, Mag did not continue pushing.

This was obviously not what Xi could decide.

“Where’s your… rifle? Can you let me play with it?” Mag changed the topic.

He was rather interested in Xi’s assault rifle. Men would always be more interested in such things.

“No.” Xi rejected coldly again.

“The red braised pork isn’t very easy to make actually. It requires a wild boar that ate healthily, slept and woke up early, and had regular exercise. After that, we’ll have to choose the pork belly portion where there is an equal amount of fat and lean meat to make a pot of red braised pork, just like the one you had. A 250-kg wild boar could only be made into three to four helpings of red braised pork.

“Choosing the pork belly itself was just the start. We have to prepare the meat by scalding it in water, cutting…”


Before Mag even finished, an assault rifle was placed in front of him.

It was not the one Xi had. This was slightly smaller but its design was rather similar. The metallic black was matte, looking very astounding.

Judging from how worn out the stock and trigger were, Mag deduced that this was not a new gun. It should be what Xi used regularly.

“This is a gun I used previously. You can take a look,” Xi said.

She did enjoy a few free red braised pork dishes from him, so she could still satisfy this little request of his.

Mag helped himself to the assault rifle.

It was more than 1.5 meters in length and weighed about 50 kg. It was a very dense metal.

“Strong woman!” Mag had a new label for Xi in his heart.

This was way bigger and heavier than his Tian Du sword. However, Xi looked thin and weak. To be able to carry such a heavy assault rifle and snipe accurately meant that she was very powerful.

Mag played with the rifle for a while. This gun did look rather high-tech but all guns have similarities.

However, this rifle seemed to have improved on the theory of using the ignition of gunpowder in the gun barrel to shoot the bullet out. He was unable to investigate how this worked but Xi said this gun’s effective range was 20km.

That was about 10 times that of the Barrett.

Mag looked at the assault rifle in his hands and felt that it was not that heavy.

Although it did not have a 400km range, the 20km range was enough for most sniping missions.

There was much room for imagination with that distance.

It was even very difficult to properly defend against sniping from that distance.

“Can I give it a try?” Mag asked.

“One shot from this could pierce through 10 buildings. Are you sure you want to give it a try?” Xi told Mag.

“Of course not here. It would feel good to hunt with this.” Mag was rather in love with it. The System would never give him such high-level equipment. He did not have the skills to make it on his own either.

“This is war equipment. No one would eat minced prey.” Xi shook her head.


“What do you usually use to hunt then?” Mag continued asking.

Xi brought out a smaller hunting gun.

In comparison to the assault rifle in Mag’s hand, that gun appeared very petite but it also had a scope.

Mag put the assault rifle down and picked up the hunting gun.

It was only a few kilograms and felt rather light.

Indeed, a real man has to take the assault rifle. This is just like a child’s play thing.

“Why don’t you sell this gun to me,” Mag said as he pointed to the assault rifle.

“No,” Xi said without hesitation.

“One free lifetime red braised pork voucher.” Mag quoted his price.

Xi frowned and went into deep thoughts.

“Including the rice!” Mag increased his stakes.

Xi subconsciously bit her lips conflictingly.

“You can choose another dish, also free for a lifetime!” Mag increased his stakes again.


Xi clenched her teeth and nodded.

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