A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 1923 - Is It Good? What’s The Taste Like?

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Chapter 1923: Is It Good? What’s The Taste Like?

Georgina did not expect that so many snack stalls would actually be hidden in such a small alley. On top of that, there were so many people there.

Besides, she did not even realize it when she passed by.

“Let’s go see what’s there inside,” Harrison said with a smile. After entering the alley, his confidence grew. This was his stage.

As a true-blue chowhound, although he had shifted his focus to Mamy Restaurant recently, he was the foodie of the Chaos City streets before that.

He witnessed Sitter Alley’s prosperity and decline.

Even though there was a lifespan to the food sold in an alley, a delicacy would not die out just like that.

Because as long as the delicacy was unique enough and delicious enough, no matter where it went, it would still be able to earn new fans and attract old fans again.

The decline of Sitter Alley caused a revolution in the street stalls there. Those selling mediocre food regretfully saw the end of their business, while those with a good reputation continued their glory elsewhere.

That was what happened to the small biscuits sold by Taslem.

Taslem was a bald, middle-aged orc. He was big and tall.

His stall was right in the middle, but with him there, the stall became very outstanding.

“It really is him!” Georgina said with surprise when she saw Taslem at a glance.

“The first stop for today. Let’s start from the little biscuits.” Harrison brought Georgina to Taslem’s stall. In a little bamboo basket beside him, there were three rows of little golden brown biscuits arranged neatly. Each biscuit was only the size of a baby’s fist, and came in shapes like a little rabbit, little tortoise, and little goldfish. They were very cute and adorable.

“Do you want some little biscuits?” Taslem asked with a smile, but his hands never stopped all the while.

He kneaded a small ball of dough in his hands, and made it into a little rabbit. After that, he placed the rabbit dough into a pot of oil slowly to fry it. The entire process was very smooth.

“Mm-hm.” Georgina nodded. The middle-aged man spoke just how she remembered from her youth. Even the smile on his face had not changed.

She remembered that when she first bought the little biscuit from the stall, she was so scared by him that she cried. The middle-aged man was so flustered, and gave her a little rabbit before she was cajoled.

However, the orc mister who watched her grow up seemed to be unable to recognize her anymore. That made her inevitably a little upset.

“Mister Taslem, Miss Georgina used to be your regular in the past. Can’t you recognize her?” Harrison told Taslem with a smile. He was also Taslem’s regular.

Taslem slowed down. He stared hard at Georgina for a while before exclaiming, “Little Rabbit? Why have you grown so skinny?”

Little Rabbit was Taslem’s special nickname for Georgina, and it was because of that little rabbit back then.

The warm and familiar nickname made Georgina smile. “I’ve grown skinny because I haven’t had Mister Taslem’s little biscuits for a long time.”

“Here, have a little rabbit.” Taslem picked up a little rabbit with his long chopsticks, and wrapped it in cowhide.

“Thank you.” Georgina received the little biscuit, just like how the young girl did while sobbing back then.


Georgina bit onto the rabbit’s head. The little biscuit which had cooled down was crunchy, yet it did not get stuck between the teeth. The more Georgina chewed, the more fragrant it got. The sweet fragrance blossomed in her mouth slowly with a hint of milky scent.

Georgina remembered that long Sitter Alley in her childhood. After school, her mother would hold her little hand, and bring her to every stall.

A tear rolled down the corner of Georgina’s eye. She looked up, and happened to meet Harrison’s gaze.

“Is it so good that you feel like crying? When I just found Mister Taslem’s little biscuits, I was like this too,” Harrison said with a smile.

“Mm-hmm. It’s good.” Georgina nodded as she smiled happily.

She seemed to have understood that this world wasn’t that cold.

Some people would never turn around for you. All they would give you was their back and hurt.

However, some people would always give you warmth.

“Here, little rabbit, little tortoise, and little goldfish. I have all of them packed up for you. The same serving as before.” Taslem passed Georgina a paper bag filled with little biscuits.

“Thank you.” Georgina received the paper bag to search for her purse.

“It’s fine. Now that you know that I’m here, come and have more again next time.” Taslem waved his hand with a smile. “I watched you grow up, and hope that you could turn back into that plump and adorable darling.”

“Mm-hm, mm-hm. I will work hard.” Georgina nodded with a smile.

“In that case, let’s eat while we walk. I’ll bring you to the next place,” Harrison told Georgina. He turned back, and put a silver coin on the stall table as he winked at Mister Taslem.

Mr Taslem was slightly stunned. After that, he smiled and gave Harrison a thumbs-up.

“Have some too,” Georgina said with a smile as she opened the paper bag, and passed it to Harrison.

“Sure. Thank you.” Harrison held a small tortoise, and threw it into his mouth. Nodding while chewing, he said, “This is the taste. It hasn’t changed since years ago.

“What’s our next target?” Georgina looked at Harrison expectantly.

“You’ll know once we’re there,” Harrison said.

“Okay.” Georgina nodded, and took out another little biscuit to eat as she smiled even more brightly.


The magic potion shop.

“What amazing Nature magic. It could even make dead plants come back to life.” Amy lay on the table, and watched how the plant in the pot turned green with Annie’s magic. On top of that, the plant was growing very quickly, and had taken up the entire space in the pot.

“Mm-hm. It is pretty good. You’ve improved a lot.” Xixi looked at Annie with satisfaction as she put the pot on the ground.

Ugly Duckling came over to take a sniff. It bit on a tiny grass blade, and started eating.

“Ugly Duckling, is it good? What’s the taste like?” Amy asked curiously.

“Meow~” Ugly Duckling nodded while eating.

Amy reached her hand out to pick a small blade of grass. She put it in her mouth, and chewed for a while before nodding in agreement. “It’s a little sweet too.”

“If Boss Mag saw this, he would think that I’m abusing you.” Xixi looked at Amy speechlessly.

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