A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 1922 - Idiot At Doing

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Chapter 1922: Idiot At Doing

Harrison was indeed a little nervous.

Although he already had three factories of his own, had been tagging along to do business with his father since he had been young, and had experience with doing business and socializing, it was the first time he had ever gone on a date with a lady since he was born.

His good friend had already had his fourth child, while he was only taking the first step to his date.

“Take a deep breath, it’s alright. I’m just going to be looking for food, and I’m good at that…” Harrison took a deep breath. After that, he exhaled out some white smoke, and stomped his feet.

He had already been standing there for more than an hour. Georgina did not stand him up. He just came a little earlier than the agreed time… Mm-hm. He was just an hour and a half early.

After all, it was his first time, and he was afraid that something which would cause a delay might happen on the way. If he did not arrive in time, he would be standing her up.

After coming, he thought that he should let himself get used to the environment, and also practice the lines he came up with last night. Therefore, he did not stay in the horse-drawn carriage. Just like that, an hour had passed.

“When I see Georgina, I would first make a very handsome pose, and then with a very demanding and gentle tone, give her this flower. After that, I will invite her to search for snacks in a very gentlemanly way… yes. That’s the whole procedure. First…” Harrison paced around, and muttered to himself seriously.

“Hi, Mr Harrison.” Just then, a voice came from behind Harrison.

“Ah?!” Harrison was stunned. He quickly turned around, and saw Georgina, who appeared behind him out of nowhere. He said in a flustered tone, “H-hi, Miss Georgina.”

Georgina was not dressed in black from head to toe like yesterday. Instead, she wore a gray and white striped cotton dress with a black hide jacket on the outside. She was wearing a pair of short deer hide boots that had a ring of short fur at the collar of the boots.

Her face is very small, and her hair was let down, hiding half of her face. She was very pale, but looked way more energetic than yesterday. There was more color on her face.

With the change of clothes, Georgina looked more youthful. Her faint lilac eyes were also full of spirit and life.

However, after changing out of the baggy cotton top and bottoms, Georgina looked even smaller and frailer. She looked as though she would be blown away if the wind was a little stronger. That made Harrison’s heart ache for her.

Georgina blushed under Harrison’s gaze. She subconsciously grabbed the corner of her skirt as her heart raced.

Her cousin chose her outfit for today. When she heard that Georgina and Harrison were going out to look for food, Georgina’s cousin brought her out for shopping, and picked this dress out. She also brought Georgina to the salon to style her hair which was neglected for three years.

However, she was still unconfident. She knew she never had been a pretty or adorable lady. She was afraid that Harrison would detest her after seeing her.

“Now…” Georgina wanted to say something to break the silence.

“F-for you.” Harrison handed her the large red flower with both hands nervously.

It was only one stalk of a flower, and it was the very common poinsettia, but it was very fresh, and there were even dew drops on the petals, making the flower look like it was freshly picked.

Oh, it was indeed freshly picked.

Georgina saw a poinsettia tree not far away with flowers blooming, but the tree was a little tall, and the flowers were all very high up.

The thought of Harrison tip-toeing, trying his best to pick the flower with his bulky size made Georgina smile. She found it very warm.

Moreover, he had been holding that flower, standing there for such a long time, and waiting for her to arrive.

What a strange feeling.

In the past, she would be the one waiting stupidly by the road, waiting for a silhouette that might pass by. She gave him the most precious thing that she cared about to him, but had her dignity trampled in return time and again.

Right now, someone was actually willing to wait for her here and give her flowers.

“When I came just now, I thought that it looked very beautiful, so I thought of picking one to give it to you,” Harrison explained with a chuckle.

What he did not say was that when he was picking the flower, he was caught by the old man patrolling the square, and was given a fine of 100 copper coins.

“Thank you.” Georgina received the flower, and put it to her nose to take a whiff. She smiled brightly, and said, “It smells so good.”

Harrison smiled like a 150 kg fatty.

Georgina looked up, and asked Harrison, “Where should we go now?”

“Ah… we’re going to look for the famous snacks in Sitter Alley. You might remember that small snack stall that sells fried little biscuits the size of a copper coin. It’s very crispy and fragrant,” Harrison said with a smile.

Georgina’s eyes lit up immediately. She nodded her head, and said, “I do! It was sold by a bald old orc. Their biscuits came in different cute shapes like rabbit, tortoise, and fish. I loved it when I was young!”

“Yes. The stall had moved to Aden Square. I’ll bring you to look for him. It’s just right ahead,” Harrison said as he pointed in front.

“Alright.” Georgina nodded as she turned to walk forward expectantly.

When Georgina turned around, Harrison gave himself a slap as he cursed himself silently.

Champion at imagining, idiot at doing.

The pose that he had planned was not done, he spoke like a fool, and acted like an immature 18-year-old…

This first experience in dating was such a failure.

He snuck a glance at Georgina’s face, and was worried that her impression of him would drop.

Georgina held the flower in her hands, and she could not stop smiling.

Mr Harrison still made one feel very comfortable. Although she could tell that he was a little nervous, it was rather cute to her. Even the little duck embroidery on his chest was very cute. What a warm person.

Both of them walked forward with their minds full of thoughts. After a while. Georgina suddenly stopped walking. She turned back to look at Harrison, and asked, “Where’s the stall?”

Harrison, who had been staring at her while walking, suddenly came back to his senses. He looked left and right, and then pointed to the back as he said, “It’s in that little alley. I think we overshot.”

It was a rather narrow alley between two lavish restaurants. The alley was rather inconspicuous, and it was used as a pathway for those who lived behind Aden Square.

Georgina walked to the alley, and she could suddenly hear noises from within.

In the narrow alley, there were more than 10 stalls lined up, with many customers standing around the stalls, eating. There were also stall owners selling their food loudly.

A familiar atmosphere engulfed Georgina.

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