A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 1903 - Can’t Stop!

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Chapter 1903: Can’t Stop!

It was an indescribable taste, and Georgina was unable to control her bodily reactions.

Georgina felt as though she had fallen deeply for the Mapo Tofu. Her physical and psychological resistance towards food crumbled in front of it, and it became the most beautiful catalyst.

Yes. She could not help but welcome its beautiful taste.


This was unlike any food she had eaten before. The taste and texture were very unique, and it totally thrashed all the delicacies in her memory.

The authentic numbing taste triggered her heart and stomach. The hot tofu, coated with a layer of fragrant spiciness, brought about a very strong attack.

That attack was something no other food had made her feel.

The tiny crack in her heart was torn apart at that moment to allow an even bigger ray of light to shine in.

At that moment, she felt as though she had seen a small, crowded alley that was lined with different food stalls.

The crowd weaved through the stalls to try different food.

Meanwhile, she also saw a gentle woman holding a little girl in a red shirt in the crowd. She was eating gracefully with the little girl, and there was a smile on her face all the time.

After swallowing the Mapo Tofu, Georgina’s forehead was already covered with beads of perspiration, and there were also tears in the corner of her eyes.

“Are you alright?” Harrison asked with concern.

“It… It was just too spicy.” Georgina avoided Harrison’s eyes. The warm and spicy tofu slid down her throat and transformed into a ball of warmth, spreading throughout her body. This was when the spiciness started to show its prowess.

Georgina quickly took a mouthful of rice. The soft and fluffy rice was particularly refreshing. The more she chewed, the sweeter it tasted. It was very good to suppress the spiciness brought about by the Mapo Tofu.

This rice… is very delicious too! Georgina looked at the rice in disbelief. The rice had longer seeds than what she usually had. The grains of rice had a similar shape, and were translucent.

After swallowing the rice, she could not help but stare at the Mapo Tofu.

The numbing spiciness was addictive and irresistible.

I’ll just have one more bite. Last bite. Georgina stared at the Mapo Tofu, and gave herself a pep talk. After that, she picked up her spoon, and scooped up another piece of tofu. This time, she was not eager to put it in her mouth. Instead, she blew on it carefully for a while, and then… She was still scalded.

Sometimes, that was also a very blissful thing.

The taste of the Mapo Tofu danced at the tip of her tongue. Georgina closed her eyes, and a tear rolled down the corner of her eyes.

It’s too blissful.

This feeling is really too blissful.

For more than two years, she had been living in the shadows.

At this moment, she felt enveloped by the warm sun once again.

Actually, it was not food that she hated, but herself in the past…

But now, she knew that the one she should not hate the most was still herself.

“It’s delicious…”

She swallowed the tofu with tears welling up in her eyes, and then had a mouthful of rice again. Georgina had already tossed away her burdens and worries completely. She put another spoonful of Mapo Tofu into her mouth.

The refreshing, numbing spiciness made her take bite after bite without stopping.

It seems… this dish really goes very well with rice. Harrison looked at the scene, and smiled. He swallowed everything he wanted to say. Although he had lost, it felt as though he had won too. In any case, he was happy to be able to see Georgina eat.

Kenneth looked at Georgina eating happily, and that big, bald, tattooed middle-aged man had tears in his eyes.

It had been two years. He finally saw Georgina pick up a spoon on her own and start eating,

For all those sleepless nights, he wanted to ask someone for help: what to do if your child refuses to eat?

The worry that had made his hair white had been solved at this moment.

After that, he looked at Harrison a little warily but with admiration. If it were not for this little fatty today, he might not be able to make Georgina eat anything. However, if Harrison wanted to woo Georgina, Kenneth would never agree to it so easily.


Her spoon touched the bottom of the rice bowl. She had almost finished her bowl of rice, but there was still a lot of Mapo Tofu left.

Georgina was slightly stunned. Immediately, she blushed.

She… actually finished a bowl of rice!

“I haven’t touched my bowl of rice yet. Why don’t you have it first?” Harrison pushed her bowl to Georgina with a smile.

Georgina looked at Harrison, and then at that bowl of rice. She suddenly smiled at Harrison, and said, “Thank you.”

After that, she picked up her spoon and continued eating.

Does it really go so well with rice? Harrison got Yabemiya to get him another bowl of rice. He scooped up a spoonful of Mapo Tofu, and put it into his mouth curiously.

Although the Mapo Tofu had been served for quite a while, it still managed to scald him.

The tofu melted in his mouth and the numbing spiciness exploded in his mouth. He was caught off-guard by that assailing deliciousness.

“Ssss~ Hu~” After swallowing the Mapo Tofu, Harrison opened his mouth and breathed out. The numbing spiciness filled his entire mouth. Right now, all he wanted was a bowl of rice…

In the kitchen, Mag watched Georgina eat, and could not help but exclaim, “Harrison does have some tricks up his sleeve.”

Firis, who was plating the food, turned back to ask, “What did you say?”

“Nothing. I said I need to apply another layer of sauce on the kebabs,” Mag said with a smile as he looked away.

Making an anorexic person regain her desire to eat was something he could do, but making her walk out of the shadows would require Harrison to put in more effort.

After finishing the second bowl of rice, the Mapo Tofu was also almost gone.

“Burp~” Georgina let out an unfulfilled burp. After that, she covered her mouth with embarrassment.

Harrison, who started eating later, put his spoon down almost at the same time. He looked at Georgina with a smile, and said, “It’s very obvious that you won. This Mapo Tofu is indeed a dish that goes very well with rice. It’s not suitable to be eaten as a snack on its own.”

“Mm-hm,” Georgina replied softly. Her smile showed that she was in a pretty good mood.

“I lost. I can accede to a request from you.” Harrison looked at Georgina seriously. “What would you like me to do?”

Georgina lowered her head, and thought for a while. She looked up at Harrison as though she had made a very important decision, and said, “Can you… accompany me to find those street foods?”

She tightly gripped the corner of her shirt, and looked away quickly, as though she was waiting for her sentence.

Harrison was slightly stunned. After that, he smiled and nodded as he said, “Sure. I can go with you anytime. Just call me.”

Georgina looked at Harrison, and her eyes lit up. A smile blossomed on her pale face.

She found the light again.

A ray of light that was willing to shine on her.

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