A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 1686 - I Want To Try Cutting It

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Chapter 1686: I Want To Try Cutting It

There were multiple complex paths in that huge cave. The black fog in the cave had already dispersed, but the paths were still filled with the black fog. Therefore, Irina could only use the Holy Light to form a protective shield over everyone, and continue going deep into the cave based on her instinctual perception of the source of the black fog.

Everyone moved very quickly. Around 15 minutes later, Irina stopped. The Holy Light shield shattered and dispersed the black fog on the path, revealing the huge stone door at the end of the path.

The black stone door was a good 100 meters tall, and there seemed to be a huge mural carved on it.

Krassu made three fireballs and maneuvered them close to the stone door so that everyone could see the mural carved on the stone door clearly.


Everyone was shocked.

The huge mural immortalized a horrifying scene. The giant dragons were killing and tearing each other apart, the forest trolls were twisting their compatriots’ heads off while having half an elf in their mouths, and the goblins had red eyes and were riding on orcs as they chased a group of monkeys hysterically. The Boundless Sea Realm was stained red, with demon bodies floating around as clusters of horrifying big fishes tore them apart…

Right at the center of the mural was an unknown object the size of a small mountain. The giant dragons were as small as mosquitos in front of it, and there were several tentacles reaching out from a hexagonal seal on top that was suppressing it. Those tentacles were dotted with blood-red eyes that were gleaming with evil, as though they were about to break out from a seal.

“What monster is this?!” Krassu was taken aback.

“There actually exists such a disgusting thing in this world? The word ‘evil’ must be the only word to describe it.” Irina looked away as she felt herself about to throw up.

“This scene is familiar. It seems a little similar to what we saw when we went to Cannibal Island.” Urien squinted and raised his hoarse voice a little.

“This should be the Great Old One, or maybe the devil. It’s similar to the stone statue the Hairless Monk discovered at the Urba Tribe.” Mag stared at the huge mural. The image presented was very similar to what Rex had described.

If the stone statue could be the creation of those believers, then this mural that had stood the passage of time had to be a warning left behind by those who sealed the Devil.

“That is not dead which can eternal lie.”

Mag saw that classic phrase at the corner of the mural. He had seen this phrase in many books over this period. It might have been some sort of coincidence, or perhaps it had a form of purpose?

“In that case, it’s locked up in here right now?” Krassu tightened his grip on his magic caster’s staff, and his expression turned grave.

“Come on, let’s meet this giant!” Irina said excitedly.

“Aren’t you afraid? I remember that you fear things with long tentacles like this?” Urien asked as he turned back to look at Irina.

“What’s the point of being scared? If the four of us join hands and can’t even deal with a sealed thing, this world will probably be gone, right?” Irina asked with a smile.

“It won’t. We have even more precious things to protect.” Mag held his longsword and walked towards the large door. Knights naturally had to be the vanguard in a battle. It made no sense to hide behind a magic caster.

The towering large door appeared to be designed for a giant.

Urien walked towards the door and closed his eyes. Very quickly, ice and frost started engulfing it.

Around a minute later, Urien opened his eyes. He raised his hand, and multiple ice balls flew out, hitting the stone door at various spots.

The large door opened and started to move back slowly.

“Be careful!” Irina reminded them. At the same time, she added a ray of Holy Light on everyone.

As the large door opened, the thick black fog started surging out from the crack, and a low moaning sound could be heard, sounding like a demon from the abyss.

The black fog disintegrated as it hit the Holy Light covering everyone. Mag held his sword with both hands, and entered the world behind the door slowly.

The bright Holy Light dispelled the black fog, and pierced through the darkness.

Behind the large door, there was an enormous cavern that was a few hundred meters tall. There was an altar with countless ancient inscriptions covering it. On it, there was a gigantic matter the size of a small mountain, chained up by numerous black chains!

The four of them looked up at it in shock.

It was an enormous octopus with countless tentacles coming out from underneath its body. On each tentacle were numerous eyes, gleaming with an evil shade of red.

A hexagonal seal glowing with a faint golden light on top of its head was suppressing it, appearing as though it would disappear any moment.

“Chi, chi…”

That octopus monster seemed to have also heard the sound of the door opening, and it started making a creepy moan.

Mag felt as though countless eyes were staring at him. The eyes seemed to be focusing on them as the tentacles suddenly reached out towards the door.

For those with trypophobia, this would definitely be a nightmare.

Mag lifted his sword, ready for the battle.

Krassu and Urien also held their magic caster’s staff and magic wand, respectively.

However, just when the tentacles were about to reach Mag, a faint golden wall suddenly rose around the altar.

The tentacles hit the golden wall. There was a sudden sizzling sound as though it had hit a wall of fire, and the tentacle actually started disintegrating quickly.

The enormous matter let out a shrill, and retracted its numerous tentacles.

“This seal is designed rather reasonably.” Irina kept her magic caster’s staff with a smile, and walked around the altar as she asked, “Could this be that thing’s head?”

“I think so. Its head alone is so big. One could only imagine how massive its body would be.” Mag also kept his longsword as he sized up the octopus monster with a frown.

The squirming tentacles were covered with a brownish-green sticky liquid, making one feel like throwing up.

“Should we burn it or freeze it?” Krassu asked as he stroked his chin.

Urien walked around the altar with a grave expression, and said, “Normal magic has no effect on the black fog, so I wouldn’t expect it to have much of an effect on it. It doesn’t look very active in this state, which means that the seal is still effective. I think the better option is to build another seal on top of the current one. This fellow has a horrifying power, and once it’s released, we will not be able to do anything to it.”

Krassu frowned and stared at the octopus monster for a while before saying with a nod, “Alright. I’ll listen to you this time.”

“What do you think?” Irina turned to look at Mag.

Mag agreed with Urien. This was merely the head of the Great Old One that had been severed off and sealed for an infinite period, but standing in front of it still made one feel very small.

He had to admit that even if the four of them join hands, he still wasn’t confident to win the battle against this fellow should it break free of the seal.

However, he had a mission to complete!

Resealing it was just a plan to slow it down. If they could not find a way to finish off the Great Old Ones, the latter would still break free from the seal one day, and cause chaos to the world.

“I want to try cutting it,” Mag said seriously.

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