A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 1255 - 15 Years Old A Minor

Chapter 1255: 15 Years Old. A Minor

Rena ignored the aroma from the spicy broth, and focused on the aroma of the clear broth. The bones’ rich aroma was still present, but it was even more refreshing. Only spring onions and mushrooms were added to alleviate the taste, and no extra spices were used.

But, even like this, it was an irresistible bowl of thick bone broth.

This is simple. Maybe I can buy the very cheap pork bones if I go to the market earlier in the morning. They would be the best for cooking broth. However, would it be a little bland if only the meat broth is used to cook the ingredients? A hint of ponder appeared on Rena’s face.

Then, she saw that the young lady who ordered the clear broth went to the condiments area, and made herself a dish of condiments. She cooked the ingredients in the clear broth first before dipping them in the sauce and eating them.


Rena’s throat moved along with it. She got it. Although the clear broth’s taste was much lighter, the dipping sauce had solved this problem perfectly, and to accommodate different individuals’ preferences, they could make their own dipping sauce that suited their own tastes.

“This boss is indeed a genius to come up with such an eating method. I will be able to try this clear broth hot pot tomorrow!” Rena talked to herself happily. Even though her taste veered toward the spicy red soup base more, her mother would also be able to eat if she made the clear broth hot pot. Besides, she also could still make a dipping sauce that suited her taste for herself.

“Aiyo, this hot pot smells so great. However, it’s too pricey. I heard it cost a few hundred copper coins to have it once.”

“Yes. The boss of this restaurant created wonderful dishes, but they are all very expensive. We can’t afford them, so we can only sniff the aromas from here.”

“If they only cost tens of copper coins, we could still try to bring our kids along for a meal, but they cost hundreds, and we still have to support our families with children and elderlies. How could we afford it?”

Rena heard the conversation of a few middle-aged men when she was about to leave, and she didn’t feel good about it. She also wished to bring her mother to have a meal in such a beautiful restaurant if it only cost tens of copper coins.

However, since there are so many people who wanted to eat the hot pot but couldn’t afford it, and yet pork bones, duck intestines, and tripes are things that nobody wants in the market, would it be a great business opportunity if another restaurant could provide a hot pot that cost less? A thought suddenly appeared in Rena’s head as she looked at the people who were watching others eating the hot pot enthusiastically. All these people were potential customers.

Furthermore, she was confident that she could replicate the clear broth hot pot perfectly. Although the red broth hot pot was a little more difficult, it wasn’t too difficult for her to come up with an alright red soup base after taking away a few spices.

Per capita consumption would be less than 100. This price was already lower than the price of a single broth in Mamy Restaurant.

Being an accountant, she had quickly ascertained the huge profits and huge market within it.

A strong fire began to burn inside Rena’s heart, but it was soon extinguished by a pail of cold water. This is Boss Mag’s invention. It’s a little too much if I simply replicate it. It’s akin to robbery…

I think I’d better come back for the interview the day after tomorrow. Rena left after taking a look at those people who were still watching enthusiastically. She had to rush home to cook dinner for her mother.


At night.

After the operation hours were over, everyone cleaned up the restaurant. Elizabeth and Yabemiya were also preparing to go to the Boundless Sea Realm.

“After you fetch the Lantisdeans, go to the north straight away. We will meet up at the ninth peak to the north of Vic Mountain.”

“Mm-hm.” Elizabeth nodded.

Mag turned to Gina, who was holding a crystal ball, and said, “Gina, you have to communicate with the Lantisdean warriors properly, and remember to wear the uniform. Do not get into other trouble along the way.”

As the interpreter, Gina had to go to Lantisde together with Miya, and at the same time bring along the uniforms that the Lantisdean warriors had to wear for this mission.

“Mm-hmm.” Gina nodded obediently.

“Boss, how are you guys getting to the north if we are all gone?” Miya asked curiously.

“I have already arranged for a flying steed. It will bring us up north tomorrow. You guys don’t have to worry about us,” Mag replied with a smile.

“Okay.” Miya nodded and the three of them bade farewell to the rest. They climbed onto Elizabeth, who transformed into her true form, and they quickly became a small black dot in the horizon.

“Babla, you should go back and rest too,” Mag said to Babla, who was still standing at the door.

“I want to try to reconnect with the Moon Nation again. They might have already fixed the teleportation portal, and then you could have a strong army from the Moon Nation as reinforcements,” Babla said as she walked into the restaurant.

“This may not be a good thing.” Mag cocked his eyebrows. The Norland Continent was already in a mess now. If the Moon Nation and Norland Continent became connected, a war might break out between them. This would be an outcome that nobody could foresee.

Babla turned and asked Mag, “Don’t you want me to go home?”

“Big Sister Babla, Father had said that you would only grow up after a few years, so you don’t have to worry,” Amy reminded her.

“W-who said that. I’m already a grown-up now.” Babla puffed out her chest, but she didn’t sound confident at all.

“15 years old. A minor.” Mag pursed his lips. She was indeed a brat. Moreover, Babla was only 1.4 meters tall, and she looked just like a primary school kid—a primary kid who entered puberty early.

Hmph. One day, you people will know how popular this princess is in Moon Nation, Babla thought angrily. She walked one round in the Mamy Restaurant, and finally stopped at the very center. She removed the necklace from her neck and held it in her hands. Then, she closed her eyes, and began to chant an obscure spell.

A reddish-gold beam lit up from the heart-shaped pendant of the necklace, and with Babla as the focal point, a golden shadow of an altar began to appear under her feet. It was like the scenario that Babla appeared for the first time.

Babla opened her eyes, looked at the altar, and excitedly said, “It appears!”

Right at this moment, the golden beam flashed violently and then suddenly disappeared. The shadow of the altar also disappeared.

“I failed again…” Babla lowered her head with despair in her eyes. She had tried many times after she arrived at the restaurant, but she could never establish the teleportation portal connection with Moon Nation, let alone restart the teleportation portal. Maybe she would never return to Moon Nation?

Two little hands grabbed Babla’s hands, and their owners softly said, “It’s alright, Big Sister Babla. You still have us.”

Babla raised her eyes and looked at Amy and Anna in front of her with a gleam in her eyes.

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