A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 1254 - Mamy Restaurant's Recruitment

Chapter 1254: Mamy Restaurant’s Recruitment

“So, Boss Mag is looking for a young and beautiful server with a voluptuous figure that could work in both the kitchen and dining hall? These criteria match Mamy Restaurant’s current state.”

“You’re right. Look at all the servers in Mamy Restaurant, all of them match the criteria. Boss Mag chose his service staff exactly like how he should choose his wife.”

“I used to match the requirements, but after I met Mamy Restaurant… This flabby tummy is so depressing.”

“Will I be still in time if I change my sex now?”

“I feel Boss Mag has a serious discrimination against us men. No woman is our match if we decide to become flirtatious. Have you forgotten about that lad who was performing at the square with a bow tied to his waist?”

Mamy Restaurant’s recruitment advertisement caused waves among the customers who were lining up, and became the hottest topic of that day.

The detailed requirements had screened out most people, and those customers who couldn’t match the criteria could only watch for fun. Some of those maidens who could match the criteria were already planning to ditch their boss and join Mamy Restaurant. Their lives would be fantastic from that point on.

The happiest employees in Chaos City had to be from Mamy Restaurant. They were able to eat the delicacies Boss Mag made for free every day with him and the Little Boss at the same table. It made one happy to simply think of it.

“Wow. Mamy Restaurant is recruiting!” Vanessa came to the advertisement and read it through seriously before surprisingly saying, “I think I match all the criteria. Maybe I can go work at Mamy Restaurant?”

“Young Mistress, this isn’t a good…” Lola said anxiously. If her young mistress went to be a service staff member in a restaurant, Lola would be dead meat when His Majesty heard about it.

“No way. If you dare to register yourself, I will send you home tomorrow.” Abraham shook his head. There was no room for negotiation in his tone of voice. It was already very stressful for him to let Vanessa stay in Chaos City. He wouldn’t be able to account to the king if she went to be a server.

Vanessa pouted her lips and gazed at that advertisement lingeringly. She could only give it up temporarily.

“Recruiting new service staff?” Rena, who came to Mamy Restaurant straight after work to secretly learn how to make the hot pot, went up to read in detail. She got more excited as she read. She almost matched all the requirements.

Even though she looked skinny, she had always gone to run in the mountains to build up her body. She didn’t collapse even if the demoness forced her to continuously work overtime for a month.

The basic monthly salary of 3500 with living quarters and meals included and a day off each week was much better than her accounting job now.

Of course, the crux was that the living quarters and meals were included!

Mamy Restaurant was the number one restaurant in Chaos City now. Although she didn’t have the ability to afford hundreds for a meal due to her mother’s illness, and had never been to Mamy Restaurant, she had heard plenty about the delicacies from others.

If she joined the service staff of Mamy Restaurant, she could eat all the delicacies for free. This job was simply too attractive.

If she only had to be a server at a restaurant who simply had to take orders from customers and serve the dishes, she would’ve got no problem at all.


Then, Rena’s gaze landed on the line about the bust. She lowered her head to take a look at her own flat bosom, and couldn’t help but let out a moan.

What was wrong with being flat-chested?

What did being flat-chested have to do with others?

She couldn’t even be a service staff member because she was flat-chested?

This really… made her sad and depressed.

A busty succubus looked at Rena with a smile, and said, “Maiden, go back and eat more melons. You might be able to grow them some more.”

Rena felt inferior after looking at her busty bosom.

She was already 19 years old, and these would take more than a day or two even if she could grow them…

Interview time: the day after tomorrow’s afternoon, after the operation hours. In Mamy Restaurant.

Rena remembered the time and walked away from the notice. She had to think of an idea before the day after tomorrow.

However, she didn’t leave the premises; she only went to stand further away. She came to watch how they were eating the hot pot today. Even if she couldn’t become an employee of Mamy Restaurant, it would be great to eat hot pot at home.

After everyone in the restaurant had their dinner, Mag opened the door for business. The customers’ reaction to the staff recruitment was as enthusiastic as Mag had expected. After rejecting a few burly men who strongly recommended themselves smilingly, Mag began the busy dinner service.

The famed hot pot became even more well-known after a day. Many customers came to eat the hot pot in groups, so almost all of them sat together at the group tables.

So many people are having hot pot. Rena looked at the tables filled up with customers. Many more customers still had to line up and wait, but none of them showed any signs of impatience.

After a while, a hot pot that was ordered by one of the customers was carried out.

The rich spicy aroma rose up spirally from the golden-red broth, and then dispersed in the air.

How many chilies did the Boss add into the broth to make it so red? However, beside the spiciness, the aroma is also very rich. It isn’t covered by the spiciness, and is instead brought out by it. Rena looked at the pot of red broth at the nearest table before closing her eyes to feel that aroma.

She had an amazing nose, or one should say she had a special gift in differentiating the scents. She could separate the individual scents from the mix, and identify each and every one of them.

The aroma of the meat was the first she sensed. Furthermore, this rich aroma could only be achieved by cooking the bones for 10-odd hours.

She could identify another seven, eight spices and condiments in the smell, but she couldn’t identify the rest. It wasn’t because she couldn’t differentiate them, but because she had never seen them before, so she couldn’t say what they were. They were not the spices commonly seen in the market.

Moreover, the oil that was floating in the red soup should be beef tallow. The scent and color of beef tallow and lard were different. She often went to the market to collect the animal fat that the butchers didn’t want, so she was familiar with beef tallow.

“The spices are too expensive, so it’s impossible to even make a simple version.” Rena sighed. Money was what she lacked the most, but some of the spices cost as much as gold. She simply couldn’t afford them.

“Your double-flavor hot pot. Please enjoy.”

Right at this time, Elizabeth placed a double-flavor hot pot on another table, and turned on the heat for them.

This is a bone broth! The eyes of Rena, who was about to give up, lit up. The soup pot that was separated in the center had a half with the red broth and another half with the creamy white clear broth. A few spring onions and mushrooms were floating in it, and it looked very refreshing.

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