Chapter 456 Sick Bed

The three found themselves an empty office and sneaked into it. When Zhang Heng turned on the computer to check the hospital records, Fan Meinan used her Plasticine to make a new face for herself. Han Lu was the most nervous among them. Although she had encountered all kinds of incidents in the capital world, this was her first time sneaking into somebody’s office. She was asked to stand by the door to keep a lookout for anybody that might come knocking.

“It’s okay,” Zhang Heng told her. “If someone comes in, knock them out before they can scream.”

Han Lu took glanced around anxiously, picking up the lamp beside the examination bed without hesitation.

After a while, Fan Meinan had finished constructing a new look for herself. Now, she looked like a completely different person. Zhang Heng’s eyes opened wide at the female version of “Ma Wei” in front of him, and he was at a loss for words.

“Can’t you… change to a more… normal look?”

“Fine.” Fan Meinan reconstructed her ‘face’ again, and when she raised her head, the person looking at him now very much resembled Hayase Asuka. She then blinked at Zhang Heng.

“bid. 5~.”

“Do whatever you want as long as you are happy.” Zhang Heng’s hands were still on the keyboard, and soon, he managed to enter the hospital’s patient management system.

After a thorough search, he singled-out a little girl named Wang Shuangshuang. She was admitted two weeks ago, just when the number of flu patients in the hospital started to rise significantly. She had been here for more than ten days, and her condition had only gone from bad to worse. Each time she was about to get better, her condition would worsen again, and this situation had repeated twice.

Her attending doctor could not figure out an effective way to cure her completely, so the hospital called on all of the resident doctors to try to find a way. Nonetheless, despite pooling together some of the brightest minds on site, they failed to improve her current prediciament.

Zhang Heng tore off a post-it note and wrote down the girl’s ward and bed, as well as three other seemingly suspicious patients. Suddenly there was the sound of a key being inserted into a keyhole.

A chubby man in a white coat opened the office door, and he just walked in naturally without any second thoughts.

However, the sight of Zhang Heng and Fan Meinan inside his office had him startled. When he wanted to look at the sign outside the door, a lamp hit him hard on the head, and he fell to the ground without getting the chance to say a word. Han Lu closed the door behind her as quickly as she could, then dragged the man to the sofa. She noticed that Zhang Heng and Fan Meinan were staring at her.

“What’s wrong, is there something on my face?” Han Lu asked.

“No, this is my first time seeing a rich person beating someone up. That was awesome!” Fan Meinan said truthfully.

Zhang Heng got up and checked the unlucky man on the sofa. Since the back of a human head was a very fragile part, those who had not received professional training in that area could cause paralysis or even death when hitting somebody at the back of their head. Fortunately, Han Lu was female, and she had also not slept in a long time. Hence, there wasn’t much energy left in her when she hit the man. The hapless guy was out cold and would probably only wake up after a while.

Initially, Zhang Heng mentioned that he wanted to do it himself, but he did not expect Han Lu to react so quickly. Luckily, she caused no major trouble.

Zhang Heng put away the post-it note. “Let’s go,” he said.

The three slipped out of the office again, and Han Lu still seemed a little excited while they were on the way to the ward, probably intrigued by the way that she knocked the man out. The fatigue on her face had been reduced as well. After a while, they passed the nurses’ station. At the moment, the hospital was short-staffed, and all nurses were all busy with their tasks, so there was nobody to notice them when they passed it. Zhang Heng followed the signs and found Wang Shuangshuang’s ward. According to the patient management system records, Wang Shuangshuang was 13 years old this year, and she should be in junior high. Her classmates were all in school, but the girl could only lie on the hospital bed with her schoolbag lying silently on the bedside table. A woman who seemed to be her mother sat by her bedside.

Zhang Heng looked at Fan Meinan. She was carefully observing them through the window for a long time. She then shook her head. “It can’t be her. Her appearance might change, but the way a mother looks at her daughter can’t be faked.”

“We’ve found the target now. What should we do next?” Han Lu asked.

“Good question. It seems like my sister hasn’t found it yet. We should find a less conspicuous spot and wait for her to show up,” Fan Meinan replied. “Well? Any suggestions?” she turned to ask Zhang Heng.

Zhang Heng did not answer in a hurry, only answering after a while. “This is a twin-bedded ward. Who is the patient next to her bed?”

To maintain the patients’ privacy, a curtain acted as a partition in the middle of the room. Since it was drawn, it was impossible to look at the other bed from the window.

“About this… I’m afraid I’ll have to ask the nurse before we can know,” Fan Meinan said.

“Forget it. I’ll go in and take a look myself,” replied Zhang Heng. He then walked into a ward next to him. A nurse had just pushed the medicine cart in. She quickly bent over, tied a rubber tube around the patient’s wrist before applying some iodophor on the back of the patient’s hand.

While the nurse was concentrating on treating the patient in front of her, Zhang Heng quietly sneaked out a bottle of Levofloxacin, a pair of syringes, and two infusion stickers from the cart. He took the syringe apart by removing the needle, and once that was done, he put it on the back of his hand and stuck an IV infusion sticker on it.

He connected the other end with the Levofloxacin, held it, and pretended to walk into the wrong ward. He walked into Wang Shuangshuang’s ward without paying attention to the girl and her mother near the door. Zhang Heng lowered his head and drew the curtains open.

To make it seem as if he’d entered the ward by mistake, Zhang Heng put on a stunned expression. He took the opportunity to look at the patient on the bed next to Wang Shuangshuang. He found an elderly old man who was asleep, and his wife sitting next to him on the visitors’ chair. She was peeling an apple, and when she saw Zhang Heng, she was taken aback.

Zhang Heng apologized to the grandmother, drew the curtains shut, and walked out of the ward.

“How did it go?” asked Fan Meinan. Zhang Heng tore off the infusion sticker from his hand and threw the syringe and levofloxacin into the trash can next to the bathroom.

“I’m not sure, but the patient next to Wang Shuangshuang doesn’t look right to me. It shouldn’t be bedtime now. Even if the old man is a deep sleeper, he should have woken up during the infusion. I saw his IV infusion bottle. The bottle was new, and the drip just started. The wife, knowing that her husband has fallen asleep, is still peeling the apple. She looks suspicious to me as well..”

But as Zhang Heng walking, he saw a nearby woman in a hospital gown holding a thermos flask secretly watching them not far away. When Zhang Heng looked at her, she instantly threw away the flask in her hand and bolted toward the stairs.

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